Wednesday, October 15, 2008

TW Tour: Tai Ho Dien, Taipei

We went to go to Shida Night Market for dinner. But with the rain, we decided to do hot pot instead. We read about Tai Ho Dien, so decided to check it out. The space was modern looking and the place was pretty full on this rainy night.

We ordered ying-yang pot with one side ma-la (sichuan peppercorn based). The ma la broth comes with complementary duck blood squares and tofu squares. More on the duck blood in a bit. We also ordered, sichuan meat balls, yan wan (fujian style won tons made with meat wrappers), pork, mushrooms, cabbage, beef, shrimp paste, and la-mien.

This was by far the best hot pot any of us had ever had. The spicy side wasn't just heat blast; it had infused a savoury aspect we never encountered before. It was the duck blood. These squares were like silken tofu in texture but with essence of foie.
The favourite of the evening was the shrimp paste that one threw little spponfuls of into the pot. You can still get the chunks of sweet shrimp flesh distinctly.
The beef was nicely marbled and had great flavour. From New Zealand, I think.
Also, see the mound of scallions pictured in the bowl? That's what we were instructed to use as dipping sauce. After the ma-la broth came to a boil, we drenched the scallions in the broth and it released the most amazing aromatic flavour. Who needs sa-cha?

Another amazing meal in a country that eats like champs. NT2970 (~$100) total with several rounds of beer.

台北市信義路四段 315 號

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