Friday, October 17, 2008

TW Tour: Lai Lai Soy, Taipei

After that pinnacle meal at C'est Bon, the next morning we were back to a divy, roadside joint for breakfast. I mean, we had to keep up our dan bing consumption rate!

Lai Lai Soy is one that is famous in Taipei and right across the street from our hotel (who offers complementary breakfast of more the sterile, Western ilk). There were steamers and griddles full of goodies to choose from. It one of those places where you go up and order what you like, grab an empty table, and wait for the feasting to begin.
We had (from top, clockwise) dan bing, scallion pancake, steamed shrimp dumplings, taro cake, pot stickers, chive pocket all washed down with cold soy milk.
I also ordered a salty soy milk for the table. it's full of fried cullers (Chinese donut), preserved vegetable, and scallions. The soy milk curdles a bit in contact with the other ingredients and the vinegar and produces a wonderful mixture. Wil, Melissa, and Janet all loved this. A correct version of this seems also rather difficult to get in the SF Bay Area for some reason.
Inside of a chive pocket.
Oh and as if this wasn't enough, we decided to order a beef pocket too.
This was probably the best rendition of breakfast fare we had all trip outside of that memorable dang bing in Alishan and a Top 5 Meal. All four of us were stuffed for a measly NT240 (~$8)

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