Friday, October 17, 2008

TW Tour: Last Supper, TPE

Our food tour of Taiwan was over. Our "Last Supper", fittingly, comprised of some of the greatest hits we had on the trip - we had XLBs, BNS, and ramen. While none of these representations were anything to write home about, they were better or equivalent to versions we have in the Bay Area. That's airport food, folks!

Of course, we washed this all down with several rounds of that watery Taiwan Beer which we will not miss. But hey, when it's THAT hot and humid... Song long Taiwan, for now... until our next food rendezvous. And thanks, Taiwan Tourism Board for your Magnum Opus of an idol drama, "Waiting Here For You" and all the information we gleaned from it for our trip planning - Taiwan did "Touch Our Hearts"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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