Wednesday, October 15, 2008

TW Tour: Shilin Night Market, Taipei AKA Mecca/Paradise/Nirvana

People have their various reasons for living. But for people like us, the primary reason is food. I once told a Sunday school teacher that I didn't want to be an angel because angels can't eat/taste. If food is your religion, then going to Shilin Night Market is making that holy pilgrimage that crystallizes and affirms your faith.

Check out the throngs of people here on a Thursday night. There weren't that many tourist types maybe because it was a weeknight. I can't imagine what it would be like on a Friday or Saturday night. There were tons of food stalls on the street despite there being a food area.
The in-door food area
A vendor with meat items
A bun vendor
A sausage vendor
A vendor for all things and parts chicken
The sen jian bao (SJB) vendor of fame.
Frying the SJBs.
This is probably why the SJBs in the US will never taste good. Check out that pan action.
The famed small intestine in big intestine vendor
Closeups of the "intestines" aka sausages.
And of course, we had one of these delicious creations. Buns are over-rated!
We also had those SJBs - juice literally squirted out of them. The plastic around was our shield from complete messiness.
Stinky tofu - no trip to TW would be complete without it.
TW "Tempura" - this is really oden but with all sorts of stuff the Japanese would never put in.
One of them being pork blood cakes.
Cold sesame noodles - these were delicious but packed the punch in chili heat.
Oyster pancake - perfection.
Shaved ice with mango, taro, green beans, and red beans.

Shilin Night Market - Jiantan exit off the MRT

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