Thursday, October 2, 2008

TW Tour: Alishan Pre-Breakfast and Breakfast

If you're starting to see the gluttony demonstrated in these posts, you're starting to catch our intent of the trip. After a beautiful sunrise on top of the Zushan Observatory Area, we got a egg pancake (pictured on the right) for pre-breakfast for our jaunt down the mountain back to the steam train. These were like scallion pancakes with an egg on top. But they were thin and not doughy. The outside were golden crisp yet the insides were not dry. And the egg was just the savory bonus. God, these took me back to my childhood - just like the ones my Grandpa Tsao would buy me at the stand near the elementary school for breakfast.

We also spied some delicious looking bamboo soup but didn't seem that portable.

When we got back to our B&B, we had the breakfast that was included in the stay. There was this "Western" breakfast complete with a TW rendition of an American hotdog (a lot less fatty and thereby less juicy).
And we had the buffet of traditional Chinese porridge with breakfast small plates. Janet discovered that she loves pork floss here.

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Mahntoh said...

V this is good stuff!!! Thanks for the info. I've actually a few questions for you about the trip, can you please contact me at mahntoh at hotmail when you have a chance, we're actually thinking of a trip to Chiayi > Alishan in December and have been looking into Fenciwu as well.


K K from C H