Wednesday, October 8, 2008

TW Tour: Random Seafood, Kenting

We were tired from a getting up at 3:30 AM for sunrise, driving all day down western TW, and full from our heavy Hakka meal in Wanluan so we decided to have a late dinner near our Kenting hotel. We read about Hsien Yu Ku Zan (鮮魚客棧) as being a small joint with the seafood procured by its fisherman owner. We ordered a bunch of Taiwan Beer, ordered off of a white board and kicked back to what seemed like a more local scene of big round tables filled with people eating, drinking, and shooting the shit.

Our first dish was complements of the house - local onion salad. The onion was really sweet without nay of the pungency one normally associates with onion. Maybe like a Vidalia.
Local fish sashimi. Totally fresh as if still alive.
Seaweed salad. Very briney.
Clams in black bean sauce. Succulent, juicy clams.
Fried fish roe. A wisp of heat to start and just keeps on getting hotter. Good crisp frying job.
Sauteed san su. This was fast becoming our favourite vegetable.Peel 'em and eat 'em shrimp. Plump and juicy. This casual meal was topped off by a few drags of a TW cigarette bummed off of the folks at the table next to us. Now, we're getting into the Kenting relaxed vibe... All this food and beer was NT1450 (~ $48) total. It goes to show you that any random shack in TW beats the pants off of places like Great Eastern in SF and we haven't even gotten to the famed places yet!


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