Thursday, October 2, 2008

TW Tour: Ah Liang Bento, Fenchihu

Taiwan, like Japan, is known for its train food, in particular train bentos. It's kind of a weird concept for Americans as we tend to think of food on any mass transit as edible at best (think plane food). One of the most famous purveyors of traditional style train bentos is Ah Liang in Fenchihu which is along the Alishan Steam Train route and of course we had to come see for ourselves.

After a harrowing journey on a mostly one lane road through the mountains with mirrors positioned every three feet to help guide cars through the curves, we arrived in the small town of Fenchihu. This town is basically a few of blocks and we would have missed it had we not seen a bunch of tourist looking types milling about. Ah Liang Bento was easy to find after we ascertained we were in the right town. The restaurant itself was essentially a shack with some covered outdoor porch type seating. After our long car trek on what was essentially a mountain trail, we were hungry for lunch so we ordered four of their signature bentos.

The bentos contained pork chop, a drumstick, some mountain greens, pickled vegetables, bamboo shoots, and rice. All of it was delicious. The pork chop was pounded very thin and marinated in something (not sure what) that made it a bright magenta colour.

As an aside, we were thrilled to find even in these remote mountain outposts people making coffee via the siphon system.

Ah Liang Bento
No. 117, Fenchihu town, Chiayi County
05)256-1809 or (05)256-1609

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