Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TW Tour: Random BNS, Long Beach Township in Taitung County

I love it when this kind of thing happens... we had been driving for hours on winding, cliff "highways". It was starting to rain. We were hungry and decided to pull into the next town. After surveying the deserted, ghost-town like main drag, we decided to eat at this small joint. The store front you see here says it all - small, mom and pop in the country. They were making noodles so we ordered four bowls of beef noodle soup (BNS, TW's national dish), eggs with pickled radish, and some greens.

Our piping bowls of BNs were amazing. The broth was rich in flavour but clear and not heavy. The beef was tender but not spent in flavour. The noodles were perfection. I mean they were better than any fancy, hand pulled noodle place in the US that charges a small fortune. These puppies were NT70 each!
Another view of the BNS
The eggs fried with pickled radish and the stir fried kong hsing tsai.The outside storefront.
The total tab with ice tea beverages was NT565 (~18).
Off of Highway 9 in Long Beach.

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