Monday, March 23, 2009

A Pig for Taiwanese

I woke up Saturday thinking... slow braised pig trotters. Luckily, David's birthday gave me an excuse to indulge. We went to Taste of Formosa as it was the closest place to find such fare. My other recent jaunts to Taste of Formosa had been rather disappointing but this time it redeemed itself. Chittering stuffed with sticky rice was perfect. I liked the peanuts inside.

Oyster pancake. Gooey perfection. The addition of sprouts, although unorthodox, didn't detract.
Sesame oil chicken soup was really comforting and healing on a cold, blustering day. Lots of ginger too.
A-tsai sauteed with garlic. Clean and crisp counterpoint to all the heavier dishes.
The object which we came for - braised pig trotter. Falling apart good yet still some Q-ness to the skin. I like ones that have a bit more star anise flavour to them but this was still nice.

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