Monday, January 28, 2008

German For a Cold Day and A Pondering

A while ago, Sherri and I beat the cold winter blues with a hearty meal at Suppenkuche.
Sherri had the beef goulash. I had the jagerschnitzel.
Both with plenty of of spaetzle and red cabbage as accompaniment.

The question I have is regarding German Pig Trotter. It's a dish I hear ALL the time on TW TV and when I was in Taipei. I googled to see what it's called in German and I got the dishes "eisbein" and "schweinshaxe". They both look delicious and similar to the pictures I've seen in Taipei of "German Pig Trotter". Howver, I have never seen either on menu of German food in SF or NYC. Am I missing something? Or is it a German dish that is not popular in the US due to our lack of appreciation for non-fillet meat cuts?

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