Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Perbacco Perfection

It's one of Jean's last weeks in SF so we went to Perbacco for a lovely summer dinner. All the hype of this place was really justified. We lucked out on getting a booth in the bar area. Good thing as it was near impossbile to get last minute reservations for two even though we wanted to dine at 6PM. There was quite a bar scene. I would go back for sure. We had the following:

HEIRLOOM TOMATO SALAD / PICCOLO FINO BASIL / SEA SALT / OLIVE OIL / MANODORI BALSAMICO- This really highlighted the perfection of heirloom tomatos right now at their peak of the season. Sweet and crisp.
SALUMI MISTI (CHEF’S SELECTION) - House cured meats. All was good except
the prosciutto in the middle was a bit on the dry side. So delicious. One of the main reasons we came to Perbacco.
ROASTED PEPPERS FILLED WITH CRAB AND SALT COD BRANDACUJUN / PARSLEY SAUCE / SIEVED EGG - Anything with crab is great by me. But the peppers were so intensely sweet and smokey... yum!

GARGANELLI / TRUFFLED RABBIT POLPETTINE / BABY RED CHARD / GOLDEN CHANTERELLES - or as I was calling this "Little Pockets of Happiness." The filling was savory and rich, but never heavy. The pasta was firm yet thin and refined. The sauce was a dream, full of umami, and made one want to lick the plate.

RED PLUM CROSTATA / BASIL GELATO / ELDERBERRY SAUCE - I'm not much of a dessert person, but this was a great combo. The basil gelato really set off the sweetness of the plum.

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