Monday, March 24, 2008

Epic Roasthouse's Not So Fabu Burger

Epic Roasthouse and Waterbar are SF's new IT destinations for the previously Americano presiding crowd. The views are fantastic of the bay. The decor leaves something to be desired and is stuck in mid-90s Kuleto-land. I have been having a Cafe Rouge craving, but didn't want to travel to the East Bay. The menu and website billed their burger as "The Ultimate of Ultimate ¾ Pound Steakhouse Burger - Ground Daily with the Trimmings." So I thought it should be good as it's one of their restaurant signature dishes. I liked the cure array of salts on the table though a bit trendy for trendy sake.

The bread service was way too buttery. But then again, I have bias against bread.
The condiments for the burger all come on the side in cute little dishes. They ranged from house aioli to mushroom to chow chow.
The burger came dissembled with everything on the side and some stale house made chips.
I didn't like htis burger at all. If I weren't so hungry, I probably wouldn't have finished it. The bun was dry and sratched my mouth. The burger meat was dry and was not holding together. It lacked flavour and clearly did not have enough of the fat content needed for a good burger. Not a drop of juice in the meat was found. I ordered mine medium-rare/medium and as you can see in the pic below, it was more medium-well. Wil had his rare and experienced over-doneness and a dry crumbling patty as well. And this is an f-ing $20 burger!!! The Zuni is about $12 and so is my Bay Area benchmark of fancy burger, Cafe Rouge. The DB burger with foie and truffles isn't much more. Epic Roasthouse was not so epic.
P.S. The service was rather bizarre. For a white table cloth restaurant with rather high prices, the service was really casual to the point of mismatching the environment. Our server behaved as if he was slinging us fish and chips at a pub and our busboy asked us, "Finito?" Grating...

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