Monday, November 19, 2007

Pigs Trotter Noodle

I had quite a bit of stewed pigs feet post making the aspic for XLBs. I thought the flavours from them would be spent but upon tasting a small bite, I realized that they were still really good. I had a package of dry noodles mix from my aunt from my April TW trip. So I made the classic zhu jiao mien sheng (or pigs trotter noodles) - a favourite TW street/comfort. I added some bok choy for greenery.
While I could claim credit for the trotter, I couldn't claim any credit for the noodels and soup. The package mix gave this whole bowl a very authetnic taste that I'm not sure I can replicate from scratch. I had a small bowl and the rest is in my freezer awaiting other delcious turns.

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