Monday, November 26, 2007

California Dirt

E was in town so we went to Coco 500 on the basis of him wanting California Cuisine as it is something not easily had in London. As always, I really like the vibe of the place and the food was outstanding example of quality ingredients done simply. There were a couple of misses in terms of some of the side saucing, but overall wonderful meal.

Fried Green Beans - my fav side dish here
Chorizo Stuffed Figs - very rich
Brussel sprouts with ham and brie - perfection and ingenious
Halibut on chard with pickled bone marrow - great piece of fish. The bone marrow was too sour for my taste.

Wood fire roast chicken - as succulent as it looked perfect

We forgot to take a picture of the potatos that inspired the tag line of "Californai Dirt" but was incorporated into a breakfast meal that I will show so... I think we were distracted by the oddish service from out waiter and the fact we randomly ran into acquaintances.

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