Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mid Autumn Lunar Eats

Last night was the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival so I gathered the urban, converted Chinese family clan for a good Northern Chinese meal at San Tung. We ordered their greatest hits and man, were they good. I really don't come to this place enough. Probably because it's always so crowded and the wait can be excrutiating.
We started off with the shrimp and chive dumpling. I love the brightness of flavour of the shrimp and chives together. The shrimp was coarsely chopped so you can still get the shrimp texture. The skins had bite to them. Perfect!

Next we had the pork and cabbage dumplings. More heavy in taste. Although good, I still like the shrimp ones better. Now pork and chive might be the ticket.

The dry fried chiken wings with sauce were the hit of the evening. They are a bit too sweet for me. I think next I will try without sauce.

The dry fried green beans. Lots of pieces of preserved vegetable and garlic. Salty and crsip.
The seafood za jiang mien was excellent. Great saucing and the noodles were very al dente.
We also had a good rendition of hot and sour soup and tofu cold appetizer that are not picutred here. All this plus a round of pinot noir by the glass and it only came out to only $22/person with tip. What a bargain!

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