Monday, September 10, 2007

Front Porch Summer

For one of Jean's last nights in SF, we went to Front Porch in my old neighborhood of Outer Noe/Mission/Bernal. Ah, I miss 29th Street! Front Porch is one of my favourite restaurants in San Francisco - cute decor, homey yet clean food, great Carribbean inspired flavours. We started with the rose sangria which was lovely and refreshing.

The complementary corn bread was perfect and oh-so-cute shaped like ears of corn.
The cornmeal fried oysters had just the right crunchy grainy sweetness of the batter to juxtapose the briney succulence of oysters. This dish inspired me to make my own cornmeal fried oysters later in the week.
Jean had the crab grits. Smooth and cramy. Filling yet not heavy. What every bowl of grits aspire to be.

I had the oxtail. Falling off the bone tender and savoury. The bright bitterness of the greens on top was a great contrast to the lusciousness of the meat. I love it when a bit of otherwise overlooked cut of meat can be transformed into something delectable through some seasoning and patient cooking. That is the magic of the culinary arts... taking something humble and elevating it to heaven on a plate.

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