Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lan is where it's at...

Went to NYC last weekend to visit some friends. We went to Lan on Third Ave between 10th and 11th. It was truly a fantastic place (thank you, Ang!). The decor was clean, modern, yet low key. It was rather unassuming for the quality of the food there. Ang, Xander, and I got the tasting menu and James ordered a la carte.

James's A La Carte Meal

Japanese Style Organic Chicken Soup - As he put it, "Quite possibley the best chicken soup I've ever had." The flavours were so strong that it reminded me of chicken soup in Asia where they have more flavourful chicken. Smoked Duck with Baby Argula with Yuzu Dressing - great fresh greens with duck that reminded me a bit more of Thai or Vietnamese flavours.
Dry Aged Black Angus Strip Loin - I had a bite of the meat and it was incredbile. So much juice and flavour!
Our Chef's Tasting Menu Meal

Amuse Bouche of Sweet Potato Puree with Uni and Caviar - this was sweet but the uni and caviar provided the right contrast.
Duck Pate flavoured with Sancho Peppered Miso - this was just okay. A bit dry and not enough duck richness.
Crispy Warm Red Snapper Sashimi -The seasoning was subtle enough to not hide the incredible freshness of the fish

Premium Kobe Shabu-Shabu on a bed of Baby Arugula with Sesame Dressing - The meat was so tender and buttery. The crisp salad offered a good textural balance. One of my favourites. Also makes me want to try their shabu-shabu pot.
Miso Infused Foie Gras and Duck Miso atop of Simmered Daikon - my favourite dish of the night. The foie was perfectly seared. The daikon was soft and full of the miso flavour. WOW!!!!!!!!!!
Broiled Black Cod finished with Creamy Miso Foam - good but standard version of cod with miso. I wished there was more of a crust.

Roasted Lamb Chop with Sesame Mustard Crust Pan Seared Garlic Soy - the mustard crust was an amazing foil for the rare and juicy lamb. I've never had lamb in a Japanese restaurant before either.

Chocolate Souffle Cake with Rasberry Sauce and Sorbet - was good enough to impress all the non-dessert folks we had at the table (um, that woudl be ALL four of us).

Green Tea Cookies - very green tea.
I won't be forgetting Lan anytime soon. In fact, would love to go bakc and try their shaub-shabu pots.

For brunch the next day, James made us poached egg with bacon and home fries. Delicious!

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