Monday, September 10, 2007

Finally... TW in SF... Whoddathunk???

I was craving Taiwanese this weekend. Was starting to get a cold and was craving something soothing. Drove out to Clement and 25th as I heard about a Taiwanese restaurant there called "Taste of Formosa" and wanted to check it out. The space was very modern and cute. What a difference from the grungey, divey decor of most of the Chinese places around town! I was loving the place already and I hadn't even tasted the food. The menu selcetion had me salvating.... all the small eats looked tempting but as I came alone, I couldn't order too much.
I got the lu (slow cooked in marinade) seaweed salad. This was perfect. If they only made it into bowties, it would have exactly how my Grandma Chau made it when I was a little girl.

I was excited to see that they had fried cuttlefish balls on the menu. Not quite like the grilled ones on a stick I had in Danshui, but still tasty in their own right with a bit of salt and pepper seasoning. I love that they gave sticks to eat this with.
The mushroom and pork potage soup with rice noodle was just okay. Not a whole lot of flavour.

I happily brought some of the cuttlefish balls and seaweed home for another meal. I've got to come back here with more people so we can try out more dishes!

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