Sunday, July 29, 2007

Kimchee Tofu Jigae

One of my favorite, easy weeknight dinners are Korean jigaes. It's even easier now that I found this soup base from Kukje. It comes three to a pack and in lots of different flavours.
Last week I was coming home after an exhaustive day of bio-strategery stress, it was foggy and cold. Perfect for jigae.
I had some left-over beef from a steak salad so I slivered the meat up. Started a pot of boiling water, threw in the soup base, some frozen clams (didn't ever bother to defrost), cubed silken tofu and brought to a boil. At the last minute I tossed some diced scallions, the slivered meat, kimchee from a jar and heated it all together for about than a minute. After I turned off the heat, I cracked an egg in. All this for under 10 minutes of cooking and prep. Not too shabby, huh?

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