Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bad Ramen

Recently, I was thrilled to find a new ramen-ya open in the Skyline Plaza when I had gone to Ranch 99 in Daly City. I was missing Santa and Himawari post work quite a bit. The place is called Masikku.

The menu had one page of various kinds of ramen and another page of izakaya style dishes. I asked the waiter which ramen he recommended and they said their specialty was the tonkotsu broth. So I ordered a tonkotsu ramen with noodles "hard" and added a piece of butakakuni with it. I was quite excited when the bowl came as you can see it was rather attractive and the broth looked sufficently milky. One taste of the noodles and Masikku lost me. They were limp and horrid - worse than the stuff one buys near the tofu at Safeway. The broth was thin and lacked much dimension. The butakakuni tasted like pork belly cooked in a ton of soy sauce and that's it. The egg and the chasui were okay. I ate the bamboo shoots mostly. I left most of the bowl uneaten. I might come back to try the izakaya plates, but I think I'd rather go to my not so favoured J-Town ramen spots than have ramen here again. So sad...

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