Friday, May 29, 2009

Bar Method Dinners

I am getting to a point of now going to the Bar Method 4-5 times a week. As such, when I get home, dinner needs to be a fast and easy endeavor. Else I would be tempted to order in takeout and intake too many calories.
Here are two recent examples...
Salmon fillet baked with a splash of white wine, salt, pepper, and basil on a bed of argula dressed with olvie oil and champagne vinegrette
A French hamburger variation which is essentially ground beef patty with chopped carmelized onion, an egg, salt, pepper, and thyme. I like mine with a dollop of ketchup and Japnese mayo as condiment. I cook the patty to medium so that the juices run and saturate the greens when eating. Any rarer feels scary with Safeway ground meat.

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