Thursday, April 30, 2009

There's Something About La Ciccia

La Ciccia is one of the best spots in town these days with its ever-changing, inventive yet rustic menu, friendly vibe, and good wines. Our latest visit was no different. This grilled sardine dish was aromatic and the drippings were to die for. We sopped up every drop with bread. I love fresh sardines.

Pasta with squid ink. Full of umami. Almost to the point of too salty but not there. It takes you right to that brink of fullness in flavour. The firm pasta was a great carrrier for the intense sauce.
Prawns with pureed white bean. The prawns were sweet and meaty. There was little done (or needed) to distract from the freshness of the prawns.
Sauteed red cabbage. Solid version that is less acidic than the German variety.
All washed down with a bottle of a great barberra. Just heavenly....

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