Thursday, January 22, 2009

Everyday Beijing for My Northern Noodle Jonesing

I've been hankering for Chinese Northern style food the last month or so because of the TW drama I'm watching. In it, one of the families own a northern style noodle and dumpling stand. Since it was rainy today, I thought noodle soup for lunch was perfect. As much as I initally wanted BNS, I was scared it was going to be not the right cut of meat. So I went for Da Lu Mien or what they call Beijing Family Style Noodle and a side of the cold sliced pigs ear. The pigs ear was crunchy with delicate slices. I like their cutting of thsi dish better than all the other renditions I've had of late.

The noodle soup was fantastic. "Da lu" means creating a gravy using starch so the broth was more gooey than thin. I wish the noodles were slightly less cooked but small quibble. The ingredients (of meltingly cooked pork belly, cabbage, black fungus) were generous. And that broth.... loved it!
The owner/server was very nice and chatty. Much more customer service oriented and warm than I expected from your typical Mainlander owned establishment. He said he made my noodle himself. With this kind of hearty, home-cooking appeal five minutes from my office, I know I'll be back.
FYI... the portions are huge so I could only eat about 1/3 of the bowl and 1/4 of the appetizer. This order could easily last me another two meals. What a bargain for $13 before tip!

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