Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Burger Bliss at Cafe Rouge

I love Cafe Rouge. They have the best upscale burger around IMHO. They have a good ambiance. They make good cocktails. What else can one want? Well, maybe that it's not in Berkeley. I think that's the only reason I don't go more often. This time it had been a two year hiatus between visits.
We got half a dozen oysters and they went down nicely. Kumamoto and Beausoleil.
The sidecar cocktail was just as I remembered.
The fish mousse appetizer was a loser. The texture and taste pairings between the fish mousse and the parsnip puree didn't work.
The lamb papparadelle was tasty but the pasta clumped a bit.
But the burger, the burger was just as tasty as my last visit.
Some things do hold up to time and the trickery of one's memory.

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