Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I have a new favourite restaurant in SF. It's SPQR. Despite the hour and half wait (or maybe because of it and the glasses of wine we drank on empty stomachs), I have only mad love for this place.
I love the menu and must agree with Bauer on this point... any restaurant that has a "Fried" section can't be bad. The prices are great too. It 3 antipatis for $18 or 5 for $28. Phil and I went for 5 with a pasta to share. The wines come in cute carafe portions perfect for two people.

Celery and tuna conserva salad with bottarga, potato and lemon - this beats the tuna conserva at A16 and Zuppa. Love the contrast in flavours and texture.Marinated beets and fresh ricotta - fresh beets and cheese.
Chicken livers - both Phil and I are chicken liver fanatics even though we rarely get to partake in the is treat. These were fried expertly and worth every single calorie.Brussels sprouts with garlic, capers, lemon and parsley - not quite to the brussel sprouts with kimchee level, but good nonetheless.
Zuppa: pancetta, cabbage and farro - the cabbage was crisp and creamy at the same time (sounds liek an oxymoron) and pancetta added a savory element.
Amatriciana- Guanciale, tomatoes, red onions, pecorino and chiles - really got the brightness of the tomatoes and the pasta had great bite.
The wreckage after we plowed through.

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