Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Finer Than Yo Mama's China

Wil and I decided to indulge in a more refined Catonese meal before his trip to WASP land to honour Tyler. Remembering our decadent multi-course spectacular at Asian Pearl in Millbrae last year, we decided to head there. We ordered the "Date Dinner for Two" for $38/person. Although the service was the typical Cantonese dismissive style, the food was outstanding once again. I love the serving pot for the soup as well.

Pumpkin Seafood Shark Fin Soup - this was rich without being creamy. In fact, neither of us had pumpkin soup done in an Asian style before. We felt a tad guilty about the inclusion of shark fin, but certainly didn't waste a drop if it's any consolation to the poor shark.
White cooked chicken - the ginger galric dipping sauce took away any leftover "gamey-ness". Although this is not my favourite dish in the world, the preparation was flawless. The meat was perfectly velevety.
Three Treasures of Shitake, Abalone, and Fish Maw - We had this dish before during the Yimster Chowhound extravaganza. This is probably our favourite dish at this restaurant. The sauce with abalone reduction was savory and multi-dimensional. We each had a separate palte serving as part of our set meal. We practically licked the asuce clean.
Lobster with garlic - a whole lobster. The meat was sweet and juicy. As Wil put it, "New England by the way of Hong Kong."
Clam, seaweed, mushroom rice soup - this was a revelation to us. Neither of us had such a dish before. It was light, clear, yet retained some of the briney falvour of the sea. There was also bits of pork in there. It cleared the palate and also provided a comforting experience.
There was also a pudding dish that came with our set meal, but we skipped it as neither of us are fond of Chinese restaurant desserts. This meal was an incredible value considering the price and all the top quality ingredients with careful preparation that went into it. Asian Pearl will be visited again...

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