Thursday, December 13, 2007

In the Bubble Zone

So I found a new study/do work place. On top of it all, it has great milk teas and TW snack/street foods. Ah, the world just got better... Wil and I spent a rainy afternoon working on our respective laptops and polishing off a good dent of the following. We over-ordered as usual and had enough elft-overs for two more meals. But hey, it's all in the name of "research." Pictured above are the fried pork chops... yum!

Braised pig trotters to go with the noodle soup next.
Mien Sian or noodles in thickened soup with black vinegar on top. I made a version of this last month. I liked my version better but I had a lot of help from a TW soup mix that my aunt gave me.
Conch sauteed with basil. Like conch, like basil. Not a problem here.
Dan dan mien - Was okay but we've had better.
Eggs with preserved radishes - the perfect dish to go with rice porridge. But good alone too.
Chittering and black pudding soup - much lighter than one would think from the ingredients and really hit the spot for the cold, wet day.
Marinated seaweed and duck wings - I really liked the seaweed, but the duck wings freaked me out a bit.
This place will become part of the regular rotation for sure....

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