Thursday, December 13, 2007

And The Lord said, "Let there be crab!!!"

After all the chaos of the Cosco Busan spill and the delayed tox study results on our crustecean friends, we were finally able to hold the 6th Annual Mei-ling's Crab Shack Re-opening last weekend. I went with tradition on the menu and 14 of us drank liberally, ate until there was not a lick of food left (I kid you not), and generally celebrated the return of our fav delight to our Bay Area waters and our dinner plates.
Garlic Roasted Crab - I think it's safe to say I am at Thangh Long levels these days after years of experimentation with this dish. Secret kitchen, secret recipe? No so much... just a whole block of Plugra, about 20 cloves of garlic diced up, salt, sugar, basil, oregano, and thyme.
Singapore Chili Crab - Chinese red chili sauce, onions, a bit of soy, a bit of sesame oil, chicken broth, and the secret ingredient of lots of ketchup. Liang family tradition.
Garlic Noodles - They say they come for crab, but I know it's really for the noodles. Sherri would probably travel on foot if she had to cross town for them. Shanghainese style fresh noodles, heavy cream, soy, another 30 cloves of garlic, salt, fish sauce, and sugar. Sauteed long beans - blanched long beans then tossed quickly with sesame oil, salt, and more garlic.

Maybe at some point we should seek sponsorship from Lipitor (for the un-godly amounts of butter and cream I used in this meal) and Gilroy (for all the garlic). Would corporate logos detract? Hmmmmmmmm............................


Morgan said...

Well, I was born and raised in Gilroy. I'm sure I could get sponsorship from Christopher Ranch.

Janet said...

I went for the crab, I'll be back for the noodles. Definately beats Thanh Long.