Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Great Bread Mystery

If you've eaten with me with any regularity you would know that I don't really like bread. Actually, we should clarify it's American made bread that I don't like.

I have a piece of toast made from bread from Sogo most mornings for breakfast. I love Asian bakery and sandwiches in Taiwan. Pan de leche, love it. Would have endless amounts of bread with good butter in France. But American bread... hate it. It can be French style, Italian style, sourdough, whatever. If it's made for general American population consumption, I won't like it. I have no idea why. I mean all those artisnal bread places aroudn here like Acme and such... why is it that they cannot make a bread I like? I think it has somthing to do with the crust. I don't like it when my bread scrapes up the insides of my mouth. Also, it seems like the bread here lack a certain aromatic quality.

But Sogo Bakery, I like.

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