Monday, May 21, 2007

Chowdown at Lucky River

I think we found a great sustititue for Best Panda!!!

Chowdown Report: Lucky River and Marco Polo
Thursday night 24 chowhounds and their guests trekked to Sunnyside for a chow-connaisance mission at Lucky River (700 Monterey Boulevard, San Francisco). This is an unassuming Hong Kong-style eatery with a lime green awning and hanging duck barbecue station on the ground level with dining rooms up a flight or two of stairs. It’s been flying under the radar with few mentions here or elsewhere on the web. Nancy Berry and I put it into the chowdown rotation based on a tip from relatives that the cooking here is a cut above the other inexpensive Chinese options in town making it an excellent value.
We had pre-ordered the $138 wo choy menu (Chinese-only, set menu) for 12 people, plus a claypot dish of eggplant, salted fish and chicken, for each table. Our dinner included the following,
Cold appetizer platter – jellyfish, char siu, 5-spice beef shank, and pork hock stuffed with forcemeatScallop and seafood soupLobster with ginger and scallionsSugar peas and beef stir-fryHoney walnut prawnsZhejiang sweet and sour spareribsCrispy skin chickenSalted fish, chicken and eggplant clay potBlack mushrooms and grass mushrooms with mustard greens in oyster sauceClear steamed flounder (this might have been Petrale sole)Hot red bean dessert soup
With steamed rice, tax and 20% tip, the cost was $17 per person.
So, chowdowners, how’d you like it? Please post your impressions and highlights.
Take-out menu -
A ‘hound once quipped that the history of this community’s eating events should be subtitled, “and then we had gelato”. True to form, ten diehards headed over to Marco Polo on Taraval afterwards for a gelato nightcap. Lychee is still my favorite flavor here, but I did enjoy the soursop and guava too.
-Melanie Wong May 18, 2007 01:00AM

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