Monday, October 5, 2009

I Don't Mess With Texas

I think it's apparent to me by now that every time I have American BBQ, my stomach hates me afterwards. But going to Texas and not having BBQ seems sacrilegious to me. Lambert's was highly recommended in Food & Wine so we decided to check it out during a recent work trip. Lambert's is in a very nice stylized Western lodge looking spaces. We had a table that was front row and center to the kitchen action.
We started off with a vodka cocktail with olives, pepper, and other pickled stuff. Tasted like a VERY dirty martini.
The cornbread that came with the meal was nice.
We ordered a chickpea with goat cheese appetizer. Interesting combo but not very Texan.
Our server recommended the baby back ribs. It came in a huge slab smothered with honey and malt vinegar sauce. Now, I know Texans grill rather than slow smoke and it's a style preference. But the meat was not soft, falling off the bone. You definitely needed your teeth for this one. Even though the menu billed the ribs as smoked, nary a smoke ring was found.
Our 20 oz brown sugar and mustard crusted ribeye was much better. The beef was perfect but kind of disappointed it was Niman Ranch meat and not some Texas ranch.
Fried okra.
Potato gratin.
Fried ginger and peach pie.
The meal was somehow disappointing to me even though everything was well prepared. I think I'm spoiled by SF and NY. That and my stomach hates BBQ.

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