Monday, April 14, 2008

Yay for Yoshi's (and Maggie)!

Dinner at Yoshi's was highly enjoyable on many levels. The space was modern and elegant, Maggie was in town, our 4-some was a perfect mix of foodie-ism, the food was higher end Japanese without being to California, the bottle of sake we picked was perfect. For once, Bauer was right. Our server was a bit annoyingly odd, but we chalk that up to him being used to serving the older, inland East Bay white crowd. For instance, he was explaining what tapas meant.

Amuse bouche of fig, octopus, and cuccumber
Box style sushi - very hard to find in SF
Sahimi of white fishes special - delicious and high quality. Not a gross huge hunk of meat either on the portioning.
Kurobuta pork - this was a revlevation. Succulent. Cooked perfectly. If there's one pork chop dish to have in SF, this coems close to being IT.
Miyazaki filet - the famed beef. It was good but not that good for $48 for this portion.

Chawan mushi with lobster and dashi broth - this was to orunny and soupy and not custard-like enough. The flavours were nice though.
Okinawan donuts with Suntori whiskey ice cream - this was heaven. Whiskey ice cream... makes mewant to bust out the old ice cream maker at home.

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