Monday, August 3, 2009

Fried Chicken Two Ways for Hughes & Ringwald

For the third year in a row we attended Film Night in the Park in Dolores Park with John Hughes films. This year's offering was "Pretty in Pink." Fried chicken seems like good picnic food to me so I made my tradition Southern-style buttermilk fried chicken. I got a whole fryer chicken and cut into pieces. The chicken pieces went into a bath of buttermilk seasoned with Lawry's overnight. The chicken was then battered twice with flour (double dipped) by dunking the chicken back in the buttermilk mixture in between coats of flour. I fried the pieces on medium heat in a skillet for 16 minutes turning the pieces once. Shaking and cooling on drying racks helps to crisp and remove excess oil better than on paper towels. Beautiful juicy and crispy fried chicken!
This year I also wanted to challenge myself a bit a try making Korean Fried Chicken. I marinated chicken wing pieces in a mixture of low fat milk, soy sauce, salt, gochujang, chilies, and lots of minced garlic overnight . This is what the chicken looked like after I took them out of the marinade.
In a plastic bag, I added two heaping tablespoons of regular flour, one heaping tablespoon of cornstarch, and one heaping tablespoon of yam starch. I made sure the flour coating was very thin and shook of excess.
The chicken were then deep fried on medium for 10 minutes. They came out lightly golden.
Some places that serve Korean Fried Chicken serve it with a sauce on top. But I felt it to be slightly messy for picnicking. So I decided to try frying the sauce in. I made a sauce of soy sauce, garlic powder, gochujang, and water and coated the pieces of chicken with it after the first frying.
The sauce coated pieces then went back into the deep fryer on high heat for another 10 minutes. The first frying is to cook the meat. The second frying is meant crisp the outside and force any oil left in the top layer out. The results were Korean Fried Chicken that had sauce fried in!

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I ate these....yum.