Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Buzzed From Waiting - SPQR

I love SPQR. But I had only been once during the 1.5 years it has been open because of that horrendous wait. Last Friday given that it was only 6PM, we thought we may have a good shot of getting in without a long wait. Nope.

So we ended up spending the 1.25 hour wait at a bar up the street. In keeping with the last post's theme, it's called drink while you wait for food on empty stomachs, and then you'll think everything is wonderous (which it may be but you're not entirely sure). We had the three antipasti's for $21.

Fried brussel sprouts
House-made pork sausage with braised fennel
Fried chicken livers
Rigatoni Amatriciana- Guanciale, tomatoes, red onions, pecorino and chiles 14
The chicken livers were just as divine as I remembered. The brussel sprouts and the pasta were great renditions. The house sausage... just okay.

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