Monday, December 8, 2008

Burmese House... No, Really In Someone's House

Wil and I went to LA in mid-November that was intended to be a food tour but was mostly a bust except for this meal due to the fires that raged in the Greater LA area that weekend. Wil's cousin took us to a really "underground" Burmese restaurant. When he said that only the insiders of the local Burmese community knew about the place, I just assumed that it was a small dive. Actually, it was someone's house that they've converted into a "restaurant." Basically it was the driveway or space infront of the kitchen that had an awning over with some plastic chairs and fold out tables. Basically, we could have been in an Third World country. The food was great and very authentic. I have no idea what each of these dishes are called or even what they are, but they were all very tasty. I think Wil needs to chime in.

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