Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sour Cabbage Fish

Every once in a while I think, "Damn, I'm good!" about something I made. This dish was one of them. Actually, I should say "is" as I'm still having the left-0vers of it. It's called Sour Cabbage Fish (酸菜鱼or suan cai yu). It is a recipe that originated from the Yangzhou City which is in the provinve just north of Shanghai and Grandma Chou's home province of Zhejiang.

Anyway, I marinated some basa fillets with salt and white pepper in some rice wine with cornstarch. I let that sit for about 30 minutes. Then, I took some canned sichuan sour cabbage and some canned chilis and sauteed those in a teaspoon of vegetable oil to lift the aromatic qualities of the two out. Then I added about 4 cups of water and let the whole thing come up to boil adjusting thesalt a bit. When the liquid was boiling vigorously, I added the fish in with its marinate. I let the pot boil for about five minutes and that was that.

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